Ghana Navy’s Chief of Naval Staff Pays Courtesy Call on GNPC Boss and Extends Congratulations on his Appointment

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of the Ghana Navy, Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu, paid a courtesy call on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Mr. Joseph Dadzie, to extend his congratulations and discuss opportunities for enhanced collaboration.

Rear Admiral Yakubu, leading a delegation from the Ghana Navy, expressed the Navy's delight at Mr. Dadzie's appointment, noting the strong and longstanding relationship between the two institutions. He emphasized the importance of continuing this partnership for the benefit of the Nation, particularly regarding GNPC's offshore activities.
"We have a long history of collaboration with GNPC, and we are committed to strengthening this partnership for the greater good of Ghana," said Rear Admiral Yakubu. "Your offshore operations are vital, and we are ready to provide the necessary support to ensure their smooth and secure execution."

The Navy Chief, recognizing the importance of capacity building within the Ghana Navy, specifically requested GNPC's support in training initiatives. He highlighted the need for specialized training programs, particularly in maritime law, to enhance the Navy's capabilities in boundary disputes and maritime security.
"We are seeking GNPC's support in training our personnel, particularly in maritime law," Rear Admiral Yakubu explained. "The lessons learned during our boundary dispute with Côte d'Ivoire underscore the need for a stronger legal framework and expertise in this area."

In response, GNPC CEO Mr. Joseph Dadzie acknowledged the value of the longstanding collaboration between the two institutions, emphasizing the vital role the Ghana Navy plays in ensuring the security and smooth operations of the oil and gas industry.
"Our relationship with the Ghana Navy goes back many years, and we greatly appreciate the vital services you provide," stated Mr. Dadzie. "Your contributions to ensuring security and stability in the oil and gas sector are critical to our success."
Mr. Dadzie, while assuring the Navy of GNPC's support for their capacity-building initiatives, outlined the need for a formal request to be submitted to the GNPC Board for consideration. He emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach to addressing the Navy's needs and ensuring that the partnership benefits both institutions and the nation.

"We are committed to working together as partners to find ways to support your capacity-building goals," said Mr. Dadzie. "We will certainly review your request and explore ways to make a significant contribution to your training initiatives."
This meeting marks a positive step towards strengthening the partnership between the Ghana Navy and GNPC. The collaborative spirit demonstrated by both institutions bodes well for the future, promising greater cooperation in the vital areas of national security and economic development.