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Corporate Affairs
The corporate affairs department manages communication with a range of audiences including: community, government, media, employees, investors, civil society; and also drives the corporate social responsibility strategy of the corporation.

Corporate Strategy & New Business
The corporate strategy and new business department provides top-notch petro-business services over the medium to long-term stakeholder, the CE, as well as other department of GNPC.
The department is also in charge of:

  • Corporate and business planning
  • Ensuring effective management of GNPC’s investments portfolio
  • Managing corporate and departmental performance
  • Facilitating GNPC’s efforts to ensuring that GNPC attracts technically and financially capable strategic partnerships
  • Business process improvements
  • External process improvements
  • Engineering
    Engineering is made up of 3 departments namely,

    1. Reservoir & Production
    2. Development & Production
    3. Wells & Facilities

    The mandate of the Reservoir and Production department is to place the Corporation as an institution with the requisite engineering and technical expertise to enable GNPC compete with its peers in the global petroleum E&P industry.  This means harnessing all our human and material resources in a well-defined direction with a results-oriented approach in every aspect of our work.

    The mission of the Reservoir and Production department is to drive the optimal execution of GNPC’s Reservoir and Production Engineering Operations in the most efficient, safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner by applying industry standards, systems, processes and talent as well as the development of indigenous capability in the petroleum industry in Ghana. The Department’s mandate is to perform reservoir and production activities such as:

  • Well location selection and optimization
  • Well test planning, analysis and interpretation well test data
  • Perform post well analysis
  • Perform development conception screening and selection
  • Plan, execute and evaluate of field development
  • Develop and manage reservoir models and interpretation of subsurface data to validate prospect commerciality and reserve estimation
  • Perform engineering studies and analysis to support field production operations and management
  • Plan, supervise and support fields operations quality and procedures
  • Prepare production programme and work over plans for oil and gas assets
  • Prepare field operations work programme and make input into partners’ field operations work programme
  • The Wells and Facilities Engineering consists of:

    Environment health and safety
  • Review and monitor partners’ HSE work programme and ensure enforcement of HSE standards
  • Develop and implement GNPC’s HSE standards and procedures
  • Enforce HSE standards and HSE awareness culture within the company
  • Ensure operational safety and awareness
  • Provide inputs for budget preparation and ensure cost monitoring of assigned budget lines
  • Continuously improve competency with the implementation of approved HSE training plan

  • Well engineering
  • Peer review partners’ drilling programme and wells intervention plan
  • Develop and execute drilling and well intervention sequence to ensure operations are optimized across GNPC’s operated assets
  • Prepare drilling and completions work programme and budget to ensure cost efficiency
  • Work with partners to ensure drilling and completions operations conforms to industry standards and procedures
  • Work with partners to plan and supervise on-site drilling, completion and work over operations
  • Continuously improve competency and implement well engineering training plan

  • Facilities engineering
  • Carry out engineering studies, designs and evaluate all other project designs to support facilities operations
  • Work with the various field operators to execute facilities (topside and subsea) construction, fabrication, testing, installation, hook-up and commissioning operations
  • Ensure quality, safety standards and procedures are enforced.
  • Execute facilities work programme and budget to ensure cost efficiency
  • Deliver offshore facilities assignments according to scope and within schedule and budget
  • Continuously improve competency and implement facilities engineering training plan

  • Shore base operation

  • Manage the labour contracts with the operators
  • Carry out inventory and auditing of equipment’s
  • Facilitate logistics management of all shore base operations
  • Liaise with government agencies in Takoradi on behalf of the Corporation and Field Operators
  • Support medevac and emergency response operations

    The facilities management department (FMD) manages:
  • Acquisitions
  • Leasing
  • Development and construction
  • Refurbishment and modernization
  • Day-to-day operations and maintenance of GNPC properties and facilities
  • The facilities management department also manages all corporate vehicles to ensure their efficiency and adequate support to operational activities. FMD further supports activities of other departments towards meeting the corporate goals.

    Provide financial advice and support for the corporation and its partners.

    The department, together with other departments such as Geophysics and Engineering constitute project teams for all Petroleum Agreements (PA’s) in the country. For each of these blocks under license, the main task of the department is to ensure the execution of the work programs outlined under the budgets of such PA’s. The department undertakes specialised functions, however, the general roles undertaken by staff are listed below:

  • Interpret geological and geophysical  data  to create sub-surface maps of leads and prospects
  • Conduct regional geological studies, basin modeling, source rock modeling, basin analysis, geochemical studies, play and prospect analysis in support of exploration activities
  • Interpret structural and stratigraphic information to support placement of seismic lines
  • Work collaboratively with partners to identify drilling locations for exploration wells
  • Review work done by operators to recommend for acceptance and approval
  • Participate in drilling activities at drill sites
  • Receive, inspect and document data from partners prior to archiving
  • Coordinate exploration activities, seismic and well operations in collaboration with Geophysics/Engineering Departments
  • Review  sub-surface portions of field development plans (PODs) and recommend for approval
  • Develop static reservoir models of fields as part of in-house reservoir characterization work and in support of reservoir simulation
  • Create maps for monitoring reservoir performance as part of in-house Reservoir Management function
  • Generate reservoir parameters for static and dynamic modeling
  • Confer with geoscientists, engineers, regulators (e.g. PC), and others to plan and review projects
  • Create different types of thematic maps for stakeholders
  • Supervise all survey work including pipelines and seismic lines
  • Collated all well and geological data and checked for quality and correctness after data entry into the GNPC Open Portal
  • Coordinate and inspect well sample shipment to designated laboratories
  • Promote Open acreages to attract investors in collaboration with PCSupport other departments during seminars and new staff orientation.

  • Geophysics
    The Geophysics Department of GNPC undertakes all geophysical related activities on behalf of the corporation with/without the collaboration of its partners. These activities span across the Exploration and Production (E&P) industry; survey planning, data acquisition, processing through to interpretation, reservoir and field development. Although the department plays significant roles during the acquisition and processing of geophysical data, interpretation of data stands as its paramount business. Geophysicists from the department are always in the field side-by-side the operator at any service location to verify and quality check any data being acquired and/or processed before it comes in-house to undergo our geophysical analyses.

    Human Resource
    The mission of the Human Resources division is to attract, develop, motivate and retain the right mix of talent and superior workforce for GNPC through effective state-of-the art systems and processes for the achievement of corporate objectives.

    Information Technology
    The information technology department manages the IT infrastructure and telecommunication needs of the corporation. The department also delivers effective levels of service and support to the business for on going operational services, new services and projects and also manage the hardware and software assets and ensure compliance with policies and licensing requirements.

    Research & Data
    The research & data department stores originals and copies of all exploration and engineering data and maximize their use for analytic value in its own or external laboratories.  The data management section plays an essential role to achieve the framework within which data must be well organized for technical interpretation and packaging to investor oil companies.

    Internal Audit
    The internal audit department exists to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services to protect, add value and improve the operations of GNPC, including subsidiaries and all related organizations. The department performs pre-audit and post audit activities (risk-based audit) with much emphasis on the latter.
    The vision of the department is “To be a driver of innovative change in the management of governance, risk and control issues whilst striving to be the best in class audit function in the upstream Oil and Gas industry”.

    The legal and board secretariat provides legal services to the corporation and its associated stakeholders. The department provides guidance associated with legal procedures to the corporation in all its dealings; both internally and externally. These legal services include (but not limited to) litigation, drafting company contracts and engaging in negotiations on behalf of the corporation.

    The main goal of the Marketing department is the disposal of petroleum resources available to it in such a way to maximize benefits to the corporation and Ghana. It has the mission to source for petroleum resources at competitive prices, brand and market them in an environmentally safe, efficient and cost effective manner so as to increase shareholder value largely using Ghanaian expertise.
    The roles and functions of the department include:

  • The disposal of domestic produced crude oil & gas available to the state of Ghana and GNPC (eg. Jubilee crude oil)
  • Managing the government-to-government (G2G) crude oil contracts eg. Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Libya etc
  • Importation of products
  • Supporting other departments of GNPC as well as government ministries, departments and agencies with marketing information so that they can perform at optimum levels.

  • Supply Chain
    The supply chain management of GNPC is made up of three (3) units, namely:

    1. Procurement
    2. Logistics
    3. Stores

    The procurement unit is responsible for every procurement as well as management of contracts of the corporation. Other activities include, acquisition of goods, works, services and disposal.
    The Logistics Unit has three (3) functional areas. They are:

    1. Reviewing applications for exemption from payment of import duties. Thus to establish the eligibility of contractors and sub - contractors (Partners).
    2. Processing of exemptions from payment of import duty through GCNET platform.
    3. Granting of permit to clear goods from ports

    The Stores unit is responsible for receiving and issuing of goods, prompting procurement signals for stock replenishment, keeping items in stock under ideal temperature, issuing of goods received note (GRN) for payment process, maintaining of stock integrity and ensuring it is safe and secure.



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